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what is the sage collective?

The Sage Collective is a new retail brand of natural products for your everyday body-care and pharmaceutical needs, or as we like to say here, “Nature’s Apothecary”.

Since 2008, Juliet Kelly-Wong, the founding natural therapist from The Natural Clinic, has been working with and teaching her patients how to avoid harmful chemicals and toxins, in order to obtain optimal health. In 2017, she wrote and published “Simply Natural: Health” (the book is available here on our website and major online bookstores) to help guide people on how to use foods and natural remedies to treat their common ailments.

Her goal has always been to help others find their way back into health – and maintain it. One thing she is always trying to teach people is that, the chemicals and toxins that we have daily contact with, can seriously affect our health. She vehemently believes that besides having a well-balanced life, eating the healthiest of foods possible, the everyday products and simple medications we unconsciously use, can cause more harm than we realize.

Over the 11 years in her practice, Juliet has been making therapeutic creams, skin lotions, tinctures, healing ointments and more, for herself, her family and her individual patients – all without harmful chemicals and with natural ingredients only. Every recipe is a special combination of her knowledge of essential oils and natural ingredients like clays, butters, baking soda and much, much more.

Today, Juliet’s products are being made available to everyone, under the retail brand of The Sage Collective – Nature’s Apothecary.

the skin

At The Sage Collective, we understand and greatly respect our largest organ – the skin. Our skin is the only organ that we can see, touch, feel and smell – yet we often take it for granted. Our skin’s job is to protect us. However, whatever comes into contact with our skin, voluntarily or involuntarily, 60% will be absorbed.

Basically, whatever we touch we eat. 60% is more than half! So, just as our skin protects us, shouldn’t we protect our skin? How can we do this? By only putting on our bodies things which we wouldn’t mind eating. Therefore at The Sage Collective, keeping our products pure, natural, simple and to some extent, almost edible – that is our goal!

By making a simple commitment of being conscious of what we put on, in and around our bodies and homes, we can eliminate a huge ‘toxic weight’ off our shoulders and immune system. A small, yet huge, step to towards true health begins here.

our commitment

At The Sage Collective, our commitment to our customers is that no harmful chemicals – such as artificial chemical stabilizers, synthetic fragrances, unnatural preservatives and even artificial colouring – NONE are added into any of our products.

This is our commitment to you. In return, we ask that your commitment to US be that you are willing to understand that each product may not be exactly the same. There may be various differences in – textures, colours and even smells. As each and every product is made by hand, and with great care, things may vary or change along the way. These changes may be due to factors like – amounts being made per batch, differences in temperature, different measuring techniques etc.

We also ask that you treat the products with care. They can be sensitive to heat and light, so keeping them in a stable atmosphere is ideal. If you are ok with all this, then so are we: ) and we will continue to commit to producing the most natural and as ‘nature intended’ products for your health and wellness.


The Sage Collective Team

Juliet Kelly-Wong

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